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Federal IT funding shake-up

24 November 2019

Current model "inhibiting" agile. Best Replica Watches
Government Services Minister Stuart Robert has floated a fundamental shake-up of the federal government’s IT funding model, warning the current paradigm is “inhibiting” agile ways of working.

The minister charged with overseeing the government’s grand Services Australia experiment used an address in Canberra on Friday to call out decades of deep-rooted problems with federal budget approval processes and their undesirable effects.

“The current funding models for technology projects have failed to keep up with the growth of cloud and other service and subscription-based models of sourcing technology,” he told vendor lobby group the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

“The current funding processes are also inhibiting the take up of more agile ways of delivery at a time when the era of billion-dollar monolithic technology projects that take a decade or more to deliver is clearly past us.”

Canberra – like most other state and territory governments – has long struggled with an IT investment process that has historically favoured big-bang, waterfall-based technology projects over more agile and faster delivery methods.

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15 September 2019

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4 September 2019

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